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  柔性印刷电路板(Flexible Printed Circuit Board):简称FPC,它是一种新兴的高科技产品,以其固有的优特点,在越来越多的电子产品中,取代了以前的传统产品--刚性印刷电路板,具有广阔的市场前景柔性印刷电路板(Flexible Printed Circuit Board)是用柔性的绝缘基材制成的印刷电路,具有许多硬性印刷电路板不具备的优点:

       Flexible printed circuit board: referred to FPC, it is a new hightech products, with its
inherentadvantages and features, in more and more electronic products, replaced the previous orthodoxy products  Rigid Printed Circuit boards, and has broad market prospect of flexible
printed circuit board is made of flexible insulation base material printed circuit, with many
rigid printed circuit  board does not have the advantages of ︰
    (1) Free bending, winding, folding, can be arranged in accordance with requirements of any
 space layout, and any move in three dimensions and scale to achieve the wires connected component assembly and integration;
    (2) The use of FPC can be greatly reduced size and weight of electronic products for elec-
tronic products to highdensity, small size, high reliability and direction of development. Th-
erefore, FPC in space flight, military, mobile communications, portable computers, computer
peripherals, PDA, digital camera and other fields or products have been widely used;
    (3) FPC also has good heat resistance and solderbility, and easy to install with integrted
and low cost,  integrated hardware and software design has to a certain extent make up for the flexible substrate on the carrying capacity of the component slightly inadequate.

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